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The Romerworld RV-1 / Built to do more

The RV-1 is our flagship interior fit. A fixed two / three berth layout that can be fully customised from the ground up. 


Designed and built around comfort, function and form, the RV-1 has as much immediately accessible storage as possible. The layout is built to maximise the internal space down to the last millimetre. Take a look below at a handful of its features and customisation options. 

The RV-1 is a smart build, meaning that with just two measurement tweaks across the width and length the interior can fit into almost any long wheelbase van. (We even have options for Medium vans - just let us know)


RV-1 / Fully Functional

By standardising the design we have managed to integrate all of the necessary amenities including a toilets/shower room, fully functioning kitchen with undercounter fridge, sink and two burner hob, alongside a 5 person dining area and a 2 / 3 person sleeping configuration, with as much storage as you can shake a stick at. All of which blends into the space seamlessly thanks to the considered design and thoughtful interior aesthetic.


Check out just some of the RV-1’s unique features below

RV-1 / Total Customisation

All of the RV-1’s fittings, fixtures and finishes can be chosen by you! Which means the world really is your oyster when it comes to designing your very own interior. Whether you’re looking for calm and relaxed or bright and expressive, we will work with you to ensure we deliver exactly what you’re looking for.  See below for more.

Express yourself

We’re very aware that having too many colour options can sometimes make the process of selecting a final palette more difficult. With that in mind we will provide you with a load of useful references to help guide your decision making and really get your creative juices flowing. 


Take a look at a handful of colours we love below. 

Handle Options

The RV-1 is packed with functional and user friendly technology. Our considered approach for sourcing and testing products from across the globe means that you get to experience reliable quality throughout the build.


Even our German made, push latches and customisable bezels didn’t escape our stringent eye. Take a look at some of the ways you can combine your chosen colours with these bespoke handles below.  

Custom colours.JPG

Fabrics and materials

A key component of the RV-1’s aesthetic is the ability to select not only the colours of your cushions, carpets and custom window blinds but also the material and textures themselves.


Flick through the samples to get a glimpse of what's possible.

Building with the best

The conversion community is filled with wonderful people doing great things. Innovators, builders, designers and creators, all making a difference in their own way. At Romerworld we want to champion these smaller independent companies and always aim to utilise their products alongside industry leading brands, to help maintain the positive growth within the conversion community. 


We choose the brands we work with for their quality, reliability and strength; as a life on the move demands durability. See just some of the brands we work with below: 

Lagun Tables logo
Kerf works Woodworking logo
Masai Campervan windows logo
Autoterm diesel heaters logo
Dometic campervan accesories logo
Bobil vans hot water systems logo
Renogy camper van solarpanels logo for campervan conversions

Interested in owning an RV-1?

There are two ways to purchase.

Romerworld Yellow Van background-05.jpg

Already own a base van?

Great, you’re halfway there. Get in touch via the button below and we can get the ball rolling. Super simple stuff. 

Romerworld - Blue Van Background-05.jpg

Don’t yet own a base van?

Absolutely no problem. Get in touch via the button below to let us know what you’re looking for and we can help you find the perfect vehicle. (We will even collect it for you if required)

Once we’ve received your mail (or call) we can kick off the process and start to bring your RV-1 interior to life. After a couple of design consultations to fully flesh out your ideas and we’ve “hI-fived” on your final design we will get moving. You’ll receive regular updates tracking your build’s progress all the way up to delivery. And that’s when the fun really begins.

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