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Patagonia x Romerworld

Towards the end of November 2023 Romerworld delivered a dream project for a dream client. Patagonia got in touch with us at the start of 2023 and asked us if we'd be up for designing and building their UK Worn Wear vehicle from the ground up.

Obviously we jumped at the opportunity and got to work creating the initial 3D renders right away. If their worn wear initiative is new to you, below you'll find a short video that will help bring you up to speed. 

After a couple of months going back and forth we landed a design that incorporated their classic worn wear look and feel and married it with an interior that was ultimately very Romerworld. And it was this combination of old and new that we felt really made things special. The design incorporated a large 4x2 meter 3.5 ton tri-wheel trailer and a tow vehicle, both of which would eventually be come one unit that always travelled together. 


The interior had to be fully functional and provide ample work space for 2 machinists, a heat press and as much integrated storage space as possible. And to avoid a mass of copy here you can see exactly what we came up with and built via the gallery below. We hope you like it. 

Images by Rupert Shanks

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