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Pearls of wisdom - Agon Syla

As you may have noticed we've changed the Pearls of wisdom format slightly to make them a little easier to produce and read for those interested in checking them out. The aim however remains - to share a brief insight into how individuals from across the globe are living their lives in their converted, off grid vehicles. And first up in this new format is Agon Syla and his epic Caddy.

Is there one location you've visited over the last year that really stands out?

"My deep affection lies with the sea, and I tend to gravitate towards coastal regions and beaches during my travels. Nevertheless, my recent visit to Tyrol this year completely amazed me."

What's the one thing you absolutely can’t live without in your Caddy?

"The swivel seat; the car can be transformed from a mere container to a functional living space. It’s the only location where I can sit, partially stand, move around, or take refuge during inclement weather and keep the bed clean."

What was the most difficult part of your self build?

"Arranging and determining the appropriate logical placement for all possessions! It has evolved gradually, but remains an ongoing task. Within a compact space like this, each item necessitates a designated location and must be stored away when not in use"

If you could rebuild your Caddy what would you include that you don’t have now? "I would have loved to stargaze and also position the refrigerator in closer proximity to the cooking area. Currently it occupies a space at the front behind the driver’s seat while the cooking setup is located all the way at the back. Reducing the need for constant trips back and forth between the two areas would make a significant impact."

How long did your build take to complete and how did you find the process? "It took 3-4 months to set up the initial arrangement for the first trip, but over the last 2 years it has continued to evolve, with plans for further improvements."

Are there any conversion or outdoor accounts you're loving at the moment? "There’s many of them, by all time favorite is @onlyonetripaway"

What advice would you give to someone thinking about converting a van? "I suggest conducting thorough research, but refraining from hastily adopting the methods of others. What may be effective for them may not necessarily be suitable for your specific requirements. Begin by focusing on the fundamentals, embark on shorter trips, and take note of your individual necessities to inform your decisions. This approach will ultimately result in significant savings by avoiding the need to repeat, replace and re-buy."

One place you'd love to visit? "Morocco! It seems that it offers a rich blend of history, culture, and stunning natural beauty, making it a must-visit destination"

Huge thanks Agon, what a beautiful conversion. Keep up the great work and be sure to keep us up to date with your travels.

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